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Ep. 1 Orientation: Welcome To Class

Orientation: Welcome to Class!

At Home Schooled, we know that becoming a homeowner changes your life in a big way- and we’re here to help! Our show was created to educate and empower today’s homeowner, so you can tackle every aspect of your home with confidence.    Whether you’re a DIYer or prefer to let someone else tackle the work, we’ll give you the knowledge you need to turn your house into the home of your dreams…even if it means going through a few nightmares to get there.

Hello, Class! We are so excited you’re joining us! Before we dive in to our first interview, we thought it would be cool to let you know what this podcast’s all about! 

Well first, let’s tell you what it isn’t about- this isn’t a podcast about teaching kids at home- although we have mad respect for those of you who do! When we say Home School’d, we’re talking education for today’s homeowner. Consider this “Adulting 101”.

We’ll be covering all things home, in a classroom-type style- providing you with a library of how-to’s for your home.

What do we mean when we say “classroom type style”? Well, we believe that homeowners are tuning in because they want knowledge. So we focus on learning first, and chatting second.

Whether you’re listening on a 10 minute drive or binging during a home project- we want to make sure you’re leaving more educated, (and entertained) every time you listen. When you hear the school bell, you’ll know it’s time to get schooled by our guest instructor.

You might also be wondering who we are! Aaron is an all around DIY guy with a passion for building stuff. He runs where he creates DIY Home Improvement & repair project videos and tutorials, and some random fun project builds. His focus is making home projects accessible to the average homeowner and showing people how they can save themselves some money along the way.

Tracy runs a lifestyle blog called, Hey-Tracy and although she is currently renovating her second home- she feels that what makes her qualified is all the stuff she DOESN’T know yet. Tracy likes to ask honest questions for all the homeowners like herself- who are dedicated to learning skills and making more educated decisions! We invite you to follow us on social media and join the community! Request topics, ask our instructors questions and give feedback- this show is all about what YOU want to learn!

So without further adieu, we invite you to join our class, and hit subscribe on Home School’d!

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