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Study Hall: Contractor 101


  1. Josh said to hire a professional when dealing with these 3 things…
  2. What is the best way to determine if you’re getting a fair estimate?
  3. Should you ever pay upfront?
  4. What is the improvement on your house that has the biggest ROI?
  5. If you pull a permit and something is screwed up, who’s at fault?


  1. Power, water and gas.
  2. Get multiple quotes, consider time of year, ask around.
  3. Yes, for things that are expensive (materials, appliances etc.)
  4. The front door.
  5. The contractor and not the inspector.


  • Find out the value of your house, create a one sheet and then find comps in your neighborhood. Then make a list of things you want for your house: split it up into things that have a return on your investment and won’t (you can find ROI online). It will help you prioritize you home projects.

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