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Study Hall: Finding, Framing & Hanging Art

Study Hall: Finding, Framing & Hanging Art

Join us as we review our class session with Kent Youngstrom where we discussed the best ways to find, frame, and hang art in your home.


  1. What are some alternatives to framing?
  2. What should you look for when starting out with frames?
  3. What height should you hang your art at?
  4. What type of canvas did Kent recommend for process art?
  5. Kent recommends using these products for keeping art in place.


  1. All art doesn’t need to be framed. Binder clips, gallery walls, mounting things on boards. Different options to make it easy to swap out art.
  2. A consistent look/color. Kent likes using gold.
  3. The middle of the piece should be at 57 inches up the wall.
  4. Canvas, a roll of tar paper or a sheet of MDF.
  5. Command strips, looped tape or furniture bumpers.


  • Stand in the middle of the biggest place in your home and spin around, and see if it’s all at the same height. Hang everything with a center mark of 57 inches.

As promised, here’s the process art account Tracy mentioned:

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