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Study Hall: Tiny House Living


  1. What was John’s definition of living tiny?
  2. What does John suggest people do before taking the leap?
  3. What percentage of tiny houses on his show are mobile?
  4. What is the main advantage of building a tiny home on a trailer as opposed to on the ground?


  1. An efficient house- it has everything you need and nothing you don’t. 
  2. Establish your “why”?
  3. 90 percent.
  4. It’s mobile, you don’t have to own the land for it, it’s usually more cost effective.


  • Everybody has that “one room”, the catch all. Confront that room and get that space back! Make it efficient. 
  • Just go in and START! Get rid of the 20 percent of stuff you know you don’t want- and start from there!

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