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Make Without Fear of Failure

Have you ever needed something for your home and wished you could just make it? Well, today’s instructor will be the first to tell you that you absolutely can.

Today’s instructor Jimmy Diresta aka The Godfather of Make is a multi-medium artist, designer, teacher, builder, TV personality, author, and video producer. You can currently find him on his YouTube channel, on NBC’s maker competition series “Making It” with Nick Offerman and Amy Poehler, and on his podcast of the same name. He’s also a recurring guest on Ask This Old House.

He’s looked up to as the O.G. maker who’s been a leading force behind the maker movement since the early 1990’s and is often a keynote speaker at many maker events and conferences.

By the end of this class you’ll have inspiration to get your feet wet in restoration, a list of small projects with big impact and the inspiration to create without fear of failure.

Class is in session!

How do you encourage people to jump in and build their skill set?

Jimmy encourages tinkering! Experimentation, determination and openness! Be open to making mistakes and “wasting’ material.

How can parents encourage their kids to build/make?

Clay and legos! Let them experiment with all different materials! 3D making and animation is really cool for kids too.

How can you get your feet wet in restoration?

Strip paint off of doors! That’s one easy project to get started.

Classes at Jimmys: Here

What’s been the most rewarding part of being on Making It?

Watching the contestants grow.

What’s a medium that intimidates you?

CNC milling on metal and aluminum.

How can the average person get started in welding?

Buy a welder and start welding! Get a welder on Craigslist and watch YouTube + ask a local welder to get started.


Change a lock on a door! Change the faucet on a sink! Simple little replacements of stuff.

Find Jimmy!

Instagram: @jimmydiresta


YouTube: jimmydiresta

Making It Podcast:

Facebook: Click HERE

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