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Study Hall: Finding Zen in Your Yard

Finding Zen in Your Yard

In this episode, we review our class session with Yardzen co-founder Allison Messner and discuss the things to consider when tackling an outdoor design, and what Yardzen is all about. HOME SCHOOL’D COMMUNITY: HOME SCHOOL’D INSTAGRAM: HOME SCHOOL’D BLOG + SHOWNOTES: AARON MASSEY’S SITE: TRACY PENDERGAST’S SITE:


  1. What are two of the ground covers mentioned?
  2. What is rewilding?
  3. What’s one of the big trends for 2020?
  4. What are the steps to creating a vision for your space?


  1. Delta Bluegrass No-Mow Sod and decomposed granite.
  2. Finding local, native plants that can survive with minimal maintenance.
  3. Kitchen gardening.
  4. Look at your space in terms of different rooms, sketch them out, what purpose do they serve? Go to a local nursery and put it all together.

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