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Quarantined at Home: Spring Maintenance Check List

As the world confronts the spread of the coronavirus, more and more places are implementing stay-at-home orders. And while we’re all sorting through much bigger worries, we’re also left with the more basic question: What should we do while we have so much time at home? 

We’re big believers that your top priority should be caring for yourself and your family, but if you find yourself feeling restless, this is also a good opportunity to tackle some home projects and maintenance. 

Now is not the time to head to the store for nonessential items, so we’re going to focus on projects you can probably do with materials you have at home or items that can safely get delivered.

Here’s our list of projects you can do while social distancing at home.

You can find a downloadable copy of this list HERE

Find Aaron’s tips for lawn care HERE

The promo code for Knife Aid is: HOMESCHOOL’D (one word and all caps). This is good for 20% off any of their sharpening packages.

We mentioned Artkive to take your kids artwork digital.

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