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Study Hall: Mural Mural On the Wall


  1. How does Racheal create the clean circles, arches and curves?
  2. What did Racheal mention about the Frog Tape?
  3. What are some of the Instagram accounts Racheal said she loves to follow?
  4. How does Racheal prepare the wall?
  5. What type of paint does Racheal use?


  1. Pencil, string and a thumbtack! A homemade compass.
  2. There’s a chemical activated by moisture and you can run a sponge along it to get a good seal.
  3. @Ashleymaryart, @VintageRevivals, @HouseofEsperanza, @BenjaminUyeda & @StudioDIY
  4. Just get it clean and smooth!
  5. Flat or matte for the design, eggshell for whites.

HOMEWORK: Paint something!

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