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See You at the Campground!

New parents Stephanie and Jeremy Puglisi worried their days of traveling were over―with full-time jobs and infant twins, taking time off to go exploring hardly seemed possible. But they missed the way that travel brought them closer together and knew it would help them grow as a family. 

So, they bought a pop-up camper and embarked on the adventure of a lifetime. The campground was their vacation destination, and Stephanie and Jeremy became experts at creating lasting family memories without breaking the bank. 

Whether you’re new to camping or a seasoned pro, today’s guests Stephanie and Jeremy are going to teach you the different ways that camping can lead to a happier, healthier family. 

From trip planning tips, to navigating RV dealerships and even exploring in this new time of social distancing―these campers are going to cover it all. 

Their book See You at the Campground is packed with personal anecdotes, packing lists, site recommendations, and recipes that will foster a love of the outdoors, and today we’re going to get the low down on all of it.

By the end of this class you’ll understand the benefits of camping, have a guide to growing closer as a family and tips for packing and set-up―whether it’s in a cabin, tent, or RV. 

Class is in session!

What are some different types of campgrounds?

Private Camp Grounds- Amenities, hotel type experience, more expensive, perhaps a little farther from the “destination”.

Public Camp Grounds- More rustic, less amenities, beautiful surroundings/premiere location.

*Do your research to see what facilities are open this year, as this Summer will look very different. Jeremy recommends you call campgrounds directly*

Can you share some of your trip planning tips?

Consider: How much time do you have? How long do you want to travel? Pick a destination first and then pick the best camping opportunities to support that.

Read a ton of reviews! Some campgrounds might be more suited for a party weekend, and others for families.

What are some of your packing tips?

Get a checklist! You can find some great ones here:

Pack tubs and even color code them according to person/category- that way you can easily swap in and out.

Stock the RV for the season and then just replace items as needed.

What are the benefits of camping for kids?

They can be “free. You don’t have to try to control the environment the way you would in a hotel. Parents can enjoy time together once the kids are asleep and not get held “hostage” in the hotel room.


Rent a cabin as a first experience! Buy See You at the Campground!

Find Stephanie & Jeremy:

Podcast: The RV Atlas


Book: See You at the Campground

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