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Ep. 3 Study Hall: Disaster Preparedness

POP QUIZ QUESTIONS: Where did Skyler say was a great place to store your emergency kit? Hint: It’s usually with you! You should have these under your bed… List 1 tip Skyler gave for creating community within your neighborhood. What should everyone have on their nightstand? ANSWERS: In your car Shoes Get to know your...

Ep. 2: Disaster Preparedness

If a natural disaster hit today, would you be prepared? Do you and your family or co-workers have a plan? Food? Bomb shelter…? Anything? On this episode we’re talking to Skyler Hallgren who’s the Co-Founder of Redfora- a company that’s created best selling, expert-approved emergency kits for earthquakes, wildfires, hurricanes + other disasters.  Over 75,000...

Ep. 1 Orientation: Welcome To Class

Hello, Class! We are so excited you’re joining us! Before we dive in to our first interview, we thought it would be cool to let you know what this podcast’s all about!  Well first, let’s tell you what it isn’t about- this isn’t a podcast about teaching kids at home- although we have mad respect...