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Home Ec: Organizing A Cluttered Home

Cluttered home, cluttered mind. Have you guys heard that expression? Well, more and more research is coming out that parallels a cluttered home with a stressful home. Today’s instructor, Monica Leed, began organizing in 2012, co-founding Simply Spaced, an organizing service focused on transforming cluttered minds and spaces. With a full roster of celebrity and...

Study Hall: Restoring a Historic Home

POP QUIZ QUESTIONS: Scott mentioned 5 mistakes historical homeowners make- what are they? What food did Scott compare his work prioritization to? What product does Scott hate the most? What are 2 options to find historically friendly materials? ANSWERS: Siding, windows, wood floors, plaster & energy efficiency. A sandwich Vinyl Architectural savage yards or a...

History: Restoring A Historic Home

Owning an old house is daunting! It can be hard to figure out where to start on your laundry list of projects, and what should be restored vs. demo’d & replaced – enter, Scott Sidler. For Scott old houses are not just a passion they’re a career.  In 2010 Scott started his own historic restoration...

Ep. 4: Growing An Herb Garden

Do you want to plant an herb garden but you’re unsure how? We’ve got you covered! Growing herbs is an easy and delicious way to start gardening- and the benefits of starting a kitchen garden go way beyond healthier food.  After years of trial and error, today’s instructor, Nicole Burke learned how to successfully grow...

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