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Ep. 3 Study Hall: Disaster Preparedness

POP QUIZ QUESTIONS: Where did Skyler say was a great place to store your emergency kit? Hint: It’s usually with you! You should have these under your bed… List 1 tip Skyler gave for creating community within your neighborhood. What should everyone have on their nightstand? ANSWERS: In your car Shoes Get to know your...

Ep. 2: Disaster Preparedness

If a natural disaster hit today, would you be prepared? Do you and your family or co-workers have a plan? Food? Bomb shelter…? Anything? On this episode we’re talking to Skyler Hallgren who’s the Co-Founder of Redfora- a company that’s created best selling, expert-approved emergency kits for earthquakes, wildfires, hurricanes + other disasters.  Over 75,000...

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