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Your Guide to a Greener Home: Part 2

Today’s guest instructor, Friday Apaliski worked for six years at San Francisco’s Department of the Environment. In her time there she witnessed first-hand just how complicated and nuanced being environmentally conscious and sustainable can be. For anyone looking to green their home this amounts to a firehose of overwhelming information that leads to confusion and...

Study Hall: Makers Gonna Make

POP QUIZ QUESTIONS: What are some ways to get kids excited about making? What are some starter restoration projects? How can the average person get into welding? ANSWERS: Providing different materials and letting them create stuff. Jimmy mentioned Legos and clay! Strip down an old door and repaint it. Change out door knobs. Clean up...

Make Without Fear of Failure

Have you ever needed something for your home and wished you could just make it? Well, today’s instructor will be the first to tell you that you absolutely can. Today’s instructor Jimmy Diresta aka The Godfather of Make is a multi-medium artist, designer, teacher, builder, TV personality, author, and video producer. You can currently find...

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