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Your Guide to a Greener Home: Part 2

Today’s guest instructor, Friday Apaliski worked for six years at San Francisco’s Department of the Environment. In her time there she witnessed first-hand just how complicated and nuanced being environmentally conscious and sustainable can be. For anyone looking to green their home this amounts to a firehose of overwhelming information that leads to confusion and...

Digital Landscape Design

There are many factors to consider when designing your landscape. From plant sourcing to overall aesthetic, like many things, it’s best to have a plan! Today’s guest instructor is going to walk us through the process of exterior design, and touch on some common questions most homeowners have. Allison Rhodes Messner is the co-founder of...

Eco-Sustainability: Small Home Changes That Make A Big Impact

Saving the earth may seem like a hopeless situation—best left to lawmakers and politicians, but there is great power in individual choices- many made from the comfort of your home.  Today’s instructor Ashlee Piper is going to teach us changes we can make right away, to make our homes a more eco-friendly place. Ashlee is...

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