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A Guide To Living Small

  Home ownership is part of the American Dream, and to some that means having the biggest house on the block. While the size of one’s home is truly a matter of preference, today we’re going to explore the benefits of living small.  With larger homes comes the responsibility of maintenance and upkeep which takes...

Study Hall: Tiny House Living

POP QUIZ QUESTIONS: What was John’s definition of living tiny? What does John suggest people do before taking the leap? What percentage of tiny houses on his show are mobile? What is the main advantage of building a tiny home on a trailer as opposed to on the ground? ANSWERS: An efficient house- it has...

Interior Design: Designing with Intention

A house that’s been decorated with intention always inspires you to stay a bit longer. You know- those types of homes that just feel warm, and authentic and a true extension of the people who live there? Today’s guest Ashley Petrone, has that kind of home- and if you’ve ever entered her feed, you know...

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